Is Your Logo & Branding Working For You?

How is your logo working for you?

Your logo is a visual representation of your brand, it is the face of your company. Branding creates your image and reputation in the market – it influences how the market world perceives you. People tend to remember an image a lot more easily than a name or a word. A good logo will often be easier to remember than the name of any product. A familiar logo on a new product or service can boost sales of the new item, as customers will associate its quality with the quality of other products with the same logo. In a cluttered business environment, nothing can help a company or product stand out more than a good logo.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to assess if your logo is working for you:

Do you have a consistent brand that is easy to recognize?

Your business should have a clearly defined identity with one logo and style that appears across all marketing collateral. Consistency sends the message that your business is stable, dependable and credible and makes your business stand out.

Is your logo unique?

Your logo needs to be unique and represent your business. Webnbeyond have a strategy meeting with a client to find out about their business and what makes them unique before developing a brand and logo to ensure a meaningful identity mark that is memorable and captures the essence of their business.

Is your logo simple and easy to remember?

A simple brand mark is easier to remember than a complex one – just think of the Nike logo. Less is more! Simplicity makes a logo definite and clear, and makes a logo more timeless. For a logo to work effectively, there needs to be a consistent approach across all media. This will be difficult if the logo is too complicated.
Your brand is one of the most important things you can be doing to grow your business. Ask yourself: is your logo working for you, or against you?

Is your websites logo and branding not working for you?

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