Why Your Website Design Affects Visitors View Of Your Company

A Good Website Builds Trust with Your Visitors

A great website design is one of the main factors that helps build the trust between you and the visitors who view your website. A recent study reported by Forbes found that, more than 95% percent of the time, the reasons people mistrust a website is because of it’s design.

A Well-Designed Website Improves Your Google Ranking

In addition to building trust with your consumers, a good website design also contributes to the success Of ranking your site higher in Google. Early this year, Google introduced a new algorithm that enables it to take the mobile friendliness of a web page’s design into consideration when indexing and ranking that page. Meaning if you do don’t have a user friendly sleek and mobile responsive website, your site won’t rank as well.

A Strong Website Maintains Brand Consistency

Improving your business website also aids in developing your brand by contributing to brand consistency. For instance, your brand is made up of the colors, fonts, logos, and wording that convey to your consumer what your company stands for and what you promise to give your customers every time they engage your services or purchase your products.

Professional Web Design Maximizes Impact of Good Content

Another role of web design is to maximize the impact of good content. Neither content nor web design can fully succeed without the other. For instance, a cluttered and unappealing web design can deter a visitor from even engaging with your content, no matter how good the writing is, because their first impression of the site is negative. On the other hand, excellent web design cannot make up for poor content. Instead, engaging content should combine with a simple, mobile friendly web design to create a site that the visitor finds both visually and intellectually appealing. A quality SEO service in Austin should be able to work with you to create both a look and writing that work together to bring in visitors, keep them at your site, and turn them into paying customers.

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