Why is Ecommerce Important to Your Business?

Why is Ecommerce Important to Your Business?

In today’s world, people are continually moving to conducting the majority of their researching and purchasing online. If your business sells products or provides services, it is imperative that you have an ecommerce website to keep up with the current shopping trends. Ecommerce, short for electronic commerce, is the practice of buying and selling products and services online through a website. This allows customers to purchase at their convenience, 24/7 from their home computer, smartphone or tablet. The benefits for the customer are clear, but how does this help your business? By having an ecommerce website, your business can list a comprehensive description of what you are selling, including customer reviews and testimonials. Should you need to adjust the price or description of the product or service, you can do so seamlessly through your website, providing the customer with all the information they need to make an informed decision. This wealth of information makes the buyer at ease and will make them more inclined to do business through your website. For more information about the benefits of having an ecommerce website for your business, please check out the link below: http://ventureburn.com/2016/03/what-are-the-benefits-of-ecommerce-for-your-business/ *Credit Ventureburn.com*

Why does your business need a mobile application?

Why does your business need a mobile application?

The common misconception with mobile applications is that people think they are reserved for larger companies like Best Buy or Taco Bell. That could not be further from the truth. More small to medium sized business are following the trend and building apps for their brand in order to maximize their mobile presence. While having a website that is mobile friendly is a great start, by not having an application, you are limiting the potential effectiveness of your mobile strategy. The average American spends more than two hours on their mobile device each day. If they are shopping on their phone through a mobile website, the process can become a little complicated. You may have to continually refresh or re-enter order or payment information. By building an effective mobile application, you can cut these steps out and have your customer or client simply scan their information, creating a seamless and more user friendly experience with your company. For more information, please visit the link below: https://www.allbusiness.com/7-reasons-business-needs-mobile-app-19179-1.html   Credit All Business.com

Why do I need a Responsive Website?

Why do I need a Responsive Website?

Years ago things were a bit simpler. You created a website for your business to be viewed by potential customers on their desktops or laptops. However, as technology continues to innovate, consumers are spending more of their time browsing the web on a smart phone or tablet device. Trend reports have estimated that nearly 50% of website traffic will be accessed on a mobile device in the year 2017. With an increasing amount of web traffic coming in from different sources it is essential that your website is optimized for usage to improve your user-experience and functionality. How do you do this? Create a Responsive Website! But what exactly is a responsive website? Responsive websites are not built with a specific device in mind but instead are built to scale your content. That means your website will be resized and reformatted to optimize your user-experience and design on any device from desktops and smartphones to tablets. Responsive websites offer an upgrade from previously popular mobile websites because they are able to reformat for any current or future technologies. Please follow the link below to learn more about the importance of having a Responsive Website. http://www.business2community.com/web-design/need-responsive-website-01502758#BEVKlRtxyuPyjBCu.97 Credit Business 2 Community

Is Your Logo & Branding Working For You?

Is Your Logo & Branding Working For You?

How is your logo working for you?

Your logo is a visual representation of your brand, it is the face of your company. Branding creates your image and reputation in the market – it influences how the market world perceives you. People tend to remember an image a lot more easily than a name or a word. A good logo will often be easier to remember than the name of any product. A familiar logo on a new product or service can boost sales of the new item, as customers will associate its quality with the quality of other products with the same logo. In a cluttered business environment, nothing can help a company or product stand out more than a good logo.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to assess if your logo is working for you:

Do you have a consistent brand that is easy to recognize?

Your business should have a clearly defined identity with one logo and style that appears across all marketing collateral. Consistency sends the message that your business is stable, dependable and credible and makes your business stand out.

Is your logo unique?

Your logo needs to be unique and represent your business. Webnbeyond have a strategy meeting with a client to find out about their business and what makes them unique before developing a brand and logo to ensure a meaningful identity mark that is memorable and captures the essence of their business.

Is your logo simple and easy to remember?

A simple brand mark is easier to remember than a complex one – just think of the Nike logo. Less is more! Simplicity makes a logo definite and clear, and makes a logo more timeless. For a logo to work effectively, there needs to be a consistent approach across all media. This will be difficult if the logo is too complicated.
Your brand is one of the most important things you can be doing to grow your business. Ask yourself: is your logo working for you, or against you?

Is your websites logo and branding not working for you?

Why Your Website Design Affects Visitors View Of Your Company

Why Your Website Design Affects Visitors View Of Your Company

A Good Website Builds Trust with Your Visitors

A great website design is one of the main factors that helps build the trust between you and the visitors who view your website. A recent study reported by Forbes found that, more than 95% percent of the time, the reasons people mistrust a website is because of it’s design.

A Well-Designed Website Improves Your Google Ranking

In addition to building trust with your consumers, a good website design also contributes to the success Of ranking your site higher in Google. Early this year, Google introduced a new algorithm that enables it to take the mobile friendliness of a web page’s design into consideration when indexing and ranking that page. Meaning if you do don’t have a user friendly sleek and mobile responsive website, your site won’t rank as well.

A Strong Website Maintains Brand Consistency

Improving your business website also aids in developing your brand by contributing to brand consistency. For instance, your brand is made up of the colors, fonts, logos, and wording that convey to your consumer what your company stands for and what you promise to give your customers every time they engage your services or purchase your products.

Professional Web Design Maximizes Impact of Good Content

Another role of web design is to maximize the impact of good content. Neither content nor web design can fully succeed without the other. For instance, a cluttered and unappealing web design can deter a visitor from even engaging with your content, no matter how good the writing is, because their first impression of the site is negative. On the other hand, excellent web design cannot make up for poor content. Instead, engaging content should combine with a simple, mobile friendly web design to create a site that the visitor finds both visually and intellectually appealing. A quality SEO service in Austin should be able to work with you to create both a look and writing that work together to bring in visitors, keep them at your site, and turn them into paying customers.

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Is Your Website Mobile-Ready?

Is Your Website Mobile-Ready?

If It’s Not You NEED To Read This!

There’s no more denying that the smartphone and mobile web are now part of everyday life for most people. No matter where you look, whether you’re in your car on the way to work or enjoying a great night at your favorite restaurant, smartphones are absolutely everywhere.

Numbers Don’t Lie

In fact, most of studies we researched have shown, that the typical person using their smartphone checks their phone up to 245 times a day. Smartphone usage is expected to soar above 3 billion users sometime in 2017. Meaning that over a half of the world’s population will be using a smartphone by the end of the year.

Are You A Business Owner?

This is really destructive for business owners. The rapid arrival of smartphones has come a gigantic need for mobile websites and mobile compatibility. Study’s show that more than 60% of smartphone users are using their phones to make purchases, and over half of all mobile web-searches lead to a sale. Above all else, the simplicity and user friendliness of your website will be the key component to its success on mobile devices. Users are turning to mobile devices to help streamline the amount of time it takes them to find something on the web. Make sure your website is helping, not hindering their efforts.

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